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Scott Hutson (skAHt HUHT- suhn) he, him, his

Ph.D., California-Berkeley, 2004
Research Interests:
households and communities
political economy
settlement patterns
ancient Mesoamerica and Maya
material cultures and ontologies

My three most advanced PhD candidates are Gavin Davies (NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant for research at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala), Barry Kidder (NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant for research in Yucatan, Mexico), and Céline Lamb (Wenner Gren grant for research in Yucatan, Mexico)

Since 1996, I have been doing archaeology in the Maya area, working briefly in Belize and Guatemala before settling down in Yucatan, Mexico, in 1998. Prior to focusing on eastern Mesoamerica, I found my footing as an archaeologist through several projects in Oaxaca, Mexico. I currently direct the Ucí-Cansahcab Regional Integration Project (UCRIP), which I started in 2008.

The UCRIP explores the ways in which the integration of several archaeological sites in the Northern Maya lowlands transformed political, economic, social, and ritual life. Integration took place at the beginning of the Classic period (250-550 AD) when an 18km long stone causeway connected the regional center of Ucí with the site of Cansahcab as well as other sites in between. We are currently focusing on large and small sites along the path of the causeway as well as sites not connected by the causeway. We seek to gauge both the impact of regional integration on the people of these hinterland sites as well as the ways in which these people recursively shaped the process of integration. By investigating sites both on and off the causeway, this research assesses the degree to which regional integration penetrated the hinterlands, thus providing a sense of the scale and intensity of the historical transformation. Investigating both large and small sites highlights the degree to which more powerful and less powerful local interest groups may have negotiated different terms of interaction, introducing unevenness and heterogeneity in the process of integration.

Archaeology in the vicinity of Ucí builds on research from a second project in Yucatan that I co-directed with Travis Stanton and Aline Magnoni (in 2007 and 2008). This research focused on settlement dynamics along the 100km sacbe connecting Yaxuna and Coba, and has permitted discussions of memory and archaeological semiotics.

While working at the site of Chunchucmil, Yucatan, between 1998 and 2006, I developed an interest in dwelling and identity. Getting at these processes in the archaeological record requires close attention to daily practices and their spatial contexts. The many years of interdisciplinary fieldwork and analysis that my colleagues and I devoted to Chunchucmil has contributed to relational theories of subjectivity in archaeology and to a reorientation of our understanding of Classic period Maya political economies.

Other research topics that I have written about include the history of Maya archaeology, the disciplinary structures that shape archaeologists as subjects (a topic I have studied through analysis of citations), the processes of subjectification as inferred from children's graffiti at Tikal, spiritual transformations in rave subcultures, and the role that archaeological ruins play in the identity of contemporary farmers in Yucatan.


Political and Social Organization, Household Archaeology, Statistics, Identity, Practice Theory, Mesoamerica, Public Archaeology, Soil Chemistry.

Courses Taught at UK

  • ANT 102: Archeaology: Mysteries and Controversies
  • ANT 240: Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANT 242: Origins of New World Civilization
  • ANT 350: The Ancient Maya
  • ANT 360: Statistics in Anthropology
  • ANT 650: Archaeological Theory
  • ANT 652: Demographic Archaeology
  • ANT 770: Space, Place and Landscape
  • ANT 770: Archaeology of Identity
  • ANT 770: Material Culture
Selected Publications:

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