• Larry Gottlob (Psychology)

Steering Committee

  • Clare Batty (Philosophy)
  • Judy Goldsmith (Computer Science)
  • Phil Kraemer (Psychology)
  • Yang Jiang (Behavioral Science)
  • Fred Schmitt (Neurology)
  • David Westneat (Biology)
  • Thomas Zentall (Psychology)

Affiliated Faculty

  • Mingzhen Bao (Modern and Classical Languages)
  • Joseph Berger (Neurology)
  • Ramesh Bhatt (Psychology)
  • Ronald Bruzina (Philosophy)
  • Melody Carswell (Psychology)
  • Sen-Ching Cheung (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Robin Cooper (Biology)
  • Phillip Crowley (Biology)
  • Elizabeth Debski (Biology)
  • Kevin Donohue (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Raphael Finkel (Computer Science)
  • Mark Fillmore (Psychology)
  • Peter Giancola (Psychology)
  • Brian Gold (Anatomy)
  • Jonathan Golding (Psychology)
  • Harmon Holcomb (Philosophy)
  • Edward Kasarkis (Neurology)
  • Betty Lorch (Psychology)
  • Victor Marek (Computer Science)
  • Joan Mazur (Education Policy)
  • Bruce O'Hara (Biology)
  • Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby (Linguistics/Russian)
  • Craig Sargent (Biology)
  • Charles Smith (Neurology)
  • Richard Smith (Psychology)
  • Mirek Trusczynki (Computer Science)
  • Lisa Zunshine (English)
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