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Lucía M. Montás

University of Kentucky Doctor of Philosophy (ABD)
University of Florida Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (2007) Masters of Arts in Spanish (2009)
Universitat de Vic (2008)- Semester Abroad
Universitat de Barcelona (2008) Certificate in Catalan nivell B

Originally from Miami, Florida and raised in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, I studied at the University of Florida where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish literature and a minor in Education. 

In 2009, I graduated with a Masters degree in Spanish literature from the University of Florida where I taught Beginning Spanish courses and coordinated the annual Spanish Graduate colloquium.

In 2008, I won the FLAS award by the US Department of Education to study Catalán at the University of Barcelona.

From 2009-2013 I served as Lecturer of Spanish at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where I taught Beginning Spanish and Intermediate Spanish.

Currently I am ABD in the PhD program in the Department of Hispanic Studies

Theoretical framework: Feminism, Gender Theory, Postcolonialism, Reader response theory, Urbanism, Spatiality, Queer Theory

Languages: English, Spanish, Catalán

Research Interests:
20th Century Latin American Literature
Contemporary Caribbean Literature and Cultures
Women's Literature and Gender Studies
20th Century Catalan Literature. Woman and Gender Studies
Postcolonialism and Globalization
Urban Studies
Spanish Caribbean
Film Studies
Latin American Cinema



Selected Publications:



"Intersections of Urban Violence in the Dominican novel Cóctel con frenesí". Voces del Caribe: Revista de Estudios Caribeños  E-journal 9.1 (Spring 2017)


"Translocational Social Theory After “Community”: An Interview with Floya Anthias," disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory 25


Articulos publicados en Sarasuati Revista Digital de Humanidades

1. Sorprendida: La voz de enunciación en la poesía de Aída Cartagena Portalatín

2. Pornotrópico: El caribeño y el ¨gaze¨ transatlántico en el cine español


Articulo publicado en: The Coastal Review an online peer review journal

Charamicos: Bildungsroman femenino o aprendizaje político a través de la memoria histórica

Article Cited in:


Charamicos: una revisión de la modernidad revolucionaria dominicana by Magdalena López (2015)

 Redefining Latin American Historical Fiction: The Impact of Feminism and Postcolonialism (2013) edited by Helene Carol Weldt-Basso

Plural History of Memory: A Polyphonic Novel by Ángela Hernández by Ester Gimbernat González (2013)

Political Activism Among Dominican Women in Literature: Imagined Experiences and Rising Voices by:Angela R. Kanney (2013)