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Joan Braune


Ph.D. candidate, Philosophy, University of Kentucky, 2012 * M.A. (expected), Religious Studies, University of the Incarnate Word, 2014 * M.A., Philosophy, University of Kentucky, 2008 * B.A., Philosophy and Mathematics, University of the Incarnate Word, 2006


I work in Social and Political Philosophy broadly, and more narrowly on Critical Theory and Western Marxism.  My dissertation explores and defends Erich Fromm's "prophetic messianism," Fromm's contribution to Critical Theory, and the broader socio-political context and philosophical debates concerning messianism in Weimar Germany.  My work is a contribution to the philosophy of history and to the Critical Theory of Religion, bringing the socialist humanist tradition into dialogue with Christianity and Judaism.



Selected Publications:
  • Forthcoming, book chapter: “Hope and Catastrophe: Erich Fromm’s Prophetic Messianism and Herbert Marcuse’s Rupture and Refusal” in Eros and Liberation: Herbert Marcuse's Vision for a New Era. Edited by James Bloc, Mark Cobb, Arnold Farr. (Under review with University of Michigan Press)
  • Article: “Erich Fromm’s Socialist Program and Prophetic Messianism: Part II” in Radical Philosophy Review (Special Edition: Art, Praxis, and Social Transformation: Radical Dreams and Visions)
  • Article: “Erich Fromm and Thomas Merton: Biophilia, Necrophilia, and Messianism,” in Fromm Forum