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Reed DeMarco

Reed DeMarco was born outside of Detroit, MI and earned his B.A. in Classics from Wayne State University in Detroit in 2007. He was then awarded a teaching assistantship for his graduate studies at the University of Kentucky, finishing his degree in 2009. After Kentucky, Reed moved back to Michigan to pursue a teaching certification at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids. Upon finishing all the necessary certifications and exams, Reed was happy to accept a position teaching solely Latin at an all boys’ Catholic high school, Brother Rice, in Bloomfield Hills, MI, close to his hometown.

Reed has been teaching at Brother Rice since 2010 and finds it a great fit for him. He started an active Junior Classical League chapter and is proud to have his 45 members act as hosts for the Michigan Junior Classical League’s spring convention in April 2012. Currently there are two Latin teachers at the school, and Reed teaches five classes made up of grades 9-12. After school, Reed tutors elementary and middle school students in phonics, mathematics and writing. He fondly remembers his first days having his own classroom at UK and is thankful to have had his first experiences teaching college students.  

His memories of the University of Kentucky are some of the best of his life. He could not have been in a better place for his graduate studies and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. He only wishes he could continue taking courses with such learned, prolific professors while at the same time be in front of his own classes as a teacher. The Conventicula Latina are a yearly reminder of his appreciation for such a renowned program. Kentucky certainly solidified Reed’s knowledge of Latin and Greek which he hopes to instill in the minds of his own students for many years to come, and for that he is eternally grateful.